Founded by Mohammed Adam in 2012, ICONIC Architecture is the Rocky Balboa, of Architectural Firms. We punch above our weight class,  we go all in , and for some reason are going to buy a robot butler when we hit it big.   

I say lets start at zero, Break rules, Turn things on its head ,
Leave no assumption untested.
Bad Design is everywhere. Why should adapt our lives to it?
Its time shake thinks up a bit..
#Eye of the Tiger  

Good design is not the most obvious solution, neither is it the easiest, cheapest or the most convenient.  It requires a battle, a fight, a heap of crumpled up paper on the floor. It’s a test, a crucible you have to go through.  To find this elusive beast you will need to challenge the convention. You will need to test your assumptions and keep asking why. You will need to sand and polish it and cut off pieces of it just as you grow to love it. It takes time and effort but it’s a fight that’s worth it…

Design Philosophy

Our Design philosophy is simple; we want to deliver the best we can, every time. Building is not something you do every day. It takes a lot of time, effort and money just to reach the starting point.  To get it right takes time and focus. We know because we have built for ourselves having financed the project from our own pocket. We have been there , and understand your hopes and fears as you begin your project. 

Why work with us?

As a design studio we are prolific. We have and continue to design a wide variety of buildings from the humble chicken coup to apartment complexes, luxury houses, factories and the like. We believe that it is important to never stagnate, to always be testing, learning and to bring that knowledge & experience to each new project we take on.

We are not Superstars, we don't have a design agenda or a signature to push.We are not set in our ways nor come into the project with preconceived ideas.Each project has its own challenges and opportunities - that is why you won't find any of our buildings alike

We are style agnostic. More important to us than how it looks is how it works. Who are we to tell you that you should be living in a glass fish tank? We work around your stylistic preferences. Want a pink polka dot Balinese mansion? Cool, let’s make it the coolest, most well-designed pink polka dot Balinese number you have ever seen

At the end of the day this project, your building is about you. We are here to bring that idea to life, shaping it with our expertise and experience. We want to work with you to create something that both of us could not imagine in the beginning. It’s not going to be a walk in the park, but we are ready to roll up our sleeves if you are....     

So there was this radioactive spider..

Just kidding . It was a huge radioactive Tarantula this BIG.... Anyway you not going to believe me so I might as well tell you how I landed up becoming an Architect. When I was a kid I wanted to be a treasure hunter , and astronaut and a ninja turtle . Donatello to be specific , he had the best gadgets. I never knew what an Architect did for most of my life, but the pieces slowly fell into place. 

My mother recalls me at 3 sitting under the table telling my grandmother how the pieces of the table go together. I asked a lot of questions and was never afraid to ask a dumb one. One of my teachers said "The thing about Mohammed is that he is not afraid to look silly". And boy did i look silly with those braces and..  ok lets skip ahead.

Report Card : Paying attention - C minus, Spelling - D minus , Drawing - Oscar, Pritzker & Nobel Prize in one.  

I loved to draw I still do. I can do it endlessly. 

Then there were the gateway drugs: Lego , Mechanno ,Mini Town

An early piece of literature that had a huge impact on me was "A New House" by Hannie Truijens . In it Ben the dog, Jip the Cat, Meg the Hen , Sam the Fox and The fat pig build a new house by bringing different discarded pieces together to create a house. Sure it was grade 1 but I was fascinated by the bringing together random scraps , a washing machine door, a wheel barrow , wood from an old boat etc to form a completely new thing. That lesson engrained itself in into my subconscious.

When it was time for me to choose a path the only thing my idealistic teenage mind knew was that it had to be creative, it just be where I can help people and above all it had to be cool. Very specific, I know. I visited a University open day and four things caught my eye:

1 )The Mechanical Engineering students were building these cool electric quads, I want to do that !!!

Reality Check : Maths as not my forte, and i can't tell an Alan wrench from Woody Alan. Cross it off the list   

 2) Cool Animatronic Dinosaurs!!!!

Reality Check : Digging in the dirt with a paintbrush is not going to go down well with my folks nor potential future inlaws. Cross it off the list

 3) Look at those cool building models with those teeny weeny trees and cars and people. I want to do that 

Reality check : (Insert Angelic Harp Music and a photomontage of all the next 6 years whizzing by) 

Badabing Badaboom , What do you know , I am an Architect ( Edit out the tears, barrels of Brent crude midnight oil , 7 years of grueling  work experience  and the heartache of taking the board exam 2 times before hitting it lucky on the third try)

Like I said Badabing Badaboom.